My approach honors the fact that no two people are the same and that each and every person is the expert on his or her own life. I work best with a “bifocal lens” with an emphasis both on what is happening right now that is bringing you to therapy and holding space for all of the goodness, growth, wholeness and love that the future holds. I use a Person Centered approached that incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness/Spirituality. I want to partner with you to hear your story, work on solutions to your current issues and get you moving in the right direction towards a more flexible, contented and satisfying future.

~Michelle Roach, LCMHC 

My Passions

One of the biggest challenges people face is answering the overwhelming question: What comes next? Whether it’s trying to navigate a loss, career or life change, or the fear, anxiety and uncertainty of a changing and complex world, I feel called to walk along side people as they forge a path ahead.  I love to collaborate with people and help them uncover their own inner wisdom.  By helping individuals to learn new skills, they are better able to quiet the storm of emotions inside them and make better choices that bring them greater peace.

I strive to provide a space for all individuals regardless of gender, sexual orientation, cultural differences, education level or religious beliefs. While at our core our humanity binds us all together, the expression of that humanity can take countless forms and I create a therapy space that honors that.



Reaching out to start therapy, whether for the first time or to reengage after a pause in treatment, is not easy.  I have been there myself, having done my own work with several therapists over the years.  You will be provided a warm, welcoming space where you get to choose the pace and the amount you share.  As we get to know each other, I may push more but you can be ensured that I am always going to fundamentally take my lead from you.  For some people it will serve their goals best to take a deep dive in the past experiences to process old hurts and traumas.  For others the best course of action may be to stay more practically focused on the present situation to try to brainstorm immediate skills and solutions that can be applied to current life.  Or a combination of both.  And if for any reason you and I do not end up being a good match, I want to know so that I can continue to partner with you to help you find someone who is.  Fundamentally getting your needs met is my ultimate goal.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

This model of psychotherapy emphasizes the power of an individual’s thoughts, perspective and behaviors on their lived experience.


  • Develop insight regarding the relationship between your thoughts, feelings & behaviors.
  • Gain new perspective on circumstances that you find troubling.
  • Development of new ways of responding and coping with internal and external stressors.

Motivational Interviewing

This intervention emphasizes the power of actively exploring and building on your motivation to create and maintain change.


  • Enhance motivation to engage in healthier behaviors/choices.
  • Identify and discuss personal motivators and reservations to changing behaviors.
  • Identify barriers to maintaining change and develop strategies that promote success

Mindfulness & Spirituality

These interventions emphasizes the power of awareness and acceptance.


  • Observe your thoughts & emotions to gain awareness.
  • Decrease stress, reduce burnout and create a more balanced, integrated self.
  • Enhance empathy, self-compassion & self-reflection.