In the Flow

October 2011 by Jodie Gonzalez


What is being “in the flow”? To me, being “in the flow” is reaching a point in life where one finds themselves joyfully living out their life’s purpose. It is a state of authentic living in which an individual is able to make a living, or live out any other personal goal, doing something they truly enjoy and desire. When one is “in the flow”, circumstances and people begin coming into  your life that are in alignment with your goals, values, and dreams. The pieces of your life start to fall into place.  This happens once one overcomes feelings of resistance  and enters a state of allowance.  Many times we set goals for ourselves and try to force them into happening to no avail. We may be trying so hard that the frustration and discouragement become a barrier that clouds our judgment and effectiveness. When you have reached the point that you finally decide to go with “the current of the stream” instead of swim against it, you step into a place of surrender.  Life starts to gently guide you in the direction of what you desire.  In this state of allowance and surrender, you are no longer getting in your own way. When you let go and are “in the flow”, opportunities begin to present themselves; doors suddenly open, you encounter and reconnect with people who guide you in the right direction. Therefore, the key to reaching your goals and life purpose is not to force your dreams into happening, but to identify them, continue working towards them, and then allowing them to come to fruition on their own time.


Finding Your Life’s Purpose

One valuable exercise is to create a visual outline, or roadmap, of your goals. Begin by developing a personal mission statement; how do you envision yourself? What would you like your life to be like? Write your personal mission statement on the top of a sheet of paper followed by one or two short term goals related to it. Then for each goal list three objectives, or steps, that would help you reach each one. Last, include an “I deserve it” statement at the bottom, declaring that you are worthy of achieving your goals, fulfilling your life’s purpose, and having the things that you desire and make you happy.

I not only challenge you to create a roadmap of your goals, but also dare you to pursue your dreams and life purpose!  Remember, identify your goals, work towards them patiently (and without despair), and they will begin to manifest at the appropriate time.

“When the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of having to change, change will occur”
~ Author unknown