Healers & Educators

Individual Therapy

Social workers, therapists, nurses, teachers, bodyworkers, public defenders and community activists.  YOU need a place for YOU.  For YOU to be supported.  For YOUR needs to be acknowledged and actualized.  You place the world before yourself, but after a while your cup runs dry.  You are tired or you know if you keep this up you will be.  Burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma are very real!

Here we fill YOUR cup so you can continue to breathe life into your work and/or family.  Allow us to hold the space for you to access your inner wisdom.  That which you access so easily for others, but struggle to find when you are the one in need.  We see you.  We appreciate you.  We would be honored to serve you.

Consultation, Support & Practice Building

Social work is a challenging profession driven by passionate professionals.  We face clinical challenges, organizational and systematic challenges and personal challenges.  The single best thing I did for my practice was to seek mentoring, support and guidance in the form of group and individual consultation.  Clinical consultation is a place for growth, support and self-reflection.  It has helped to prevent burnout and provided direction in my professional life, but also provided significant healing in my personal life. 

For 7 years I facilitated an affordable supervision program for social workers in Florida. The format, which alternated individual and group supervision, was chosen to make it affordable for social workers to become independently licensed.  It became apparent that the group component was powerful.

Within the group there was:

  • Exchange of knowledge and resources benefiting both clients & therapists
  • Learning about various specialties and treatment styles
  • Learning from others’ cases
  • Learning from others’ solutions
  • Growth and support resulting from sharing struggles as therapists, employees of imperfect organizations, and as human beings.

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