Group Therapy

While self-healing can be an integral part of ones personal growth journey, too often people believe they should be able to do it all alone.  We are NOT meant to live, grow or heal in isolation.  We are social creatures who thrive in connection and community.  From the role altruism has played in the survival of our species to the impact of love and healthy attachment on brain development, research supports that connecting with others is necessary to live our best lives. 

Becoming Mom

The purpose of this virtual group is to provide a safe space to reflect on the shifts in responsibility, priorities, and identity that women experience when becoming a mother.  With all the potential joy, you may also struggle to acclimate to new roles, feel a loss of independence or experience loneliness, sadness or anxiety.  Join us and co-create a supportive community during these massively transformational years. We will meet the second Thursday of each month at 9 A.M.

Listen, Share & Connect.

Creating Overflow; Professional and Personal Development for Therapists

This group is for social workers, therapists or any healer who knows that in order nourish others, their own cup must first be full. Consultation, self-examination, and practice mentorship are all appropriate for this group. Bring clinical, organizational and/or personal issues for processing and self-reflection.  Receive feedback on specific cases and collaboration on treatment planning and navigating ethical dilemmas.



      Seeking Authenticity & Acceptance

      While Living “At Risk.”  (60+)

      Transitions later in life are accompanied by feelings of loss and grief as personal and professional roles wane, independence shifts in response to physical/health limitations and loved friends and family pass on. COVID-19 has added on isolation, fear and lost experiences.

      Lets hold space for whatever challenges we may be having, connect in the universality of these struggles and guide each other towards hope, healthy coping and acceptance.

      Melissa Cramer and Nancy Smyth alternate facilitation of this group. We meet the first and third Thursday of each month at 9 A.M.

      This 10 week group is for anyone experiencing stress, compassion fatigue, burnout, anxiety and/or depressed mood.  It includes mindfulness training facilitated with gentle movement, discussion and support.  Read more about the role of mindfulness and movement in the healing process and in reducing emotional exhaustion here.

      Groups are currently virtual and contingent on attendance minimums. 

      Once a group minimum has been met, you will be contacted with start date and further information.

      Past Workshops & Events

      Creating & Maintaining Change

      Return to Yourself Taos, June 2013

      This workshop covered the process of change, challenges to creating change and how to utilize planning to maximize success in creating lasting change.  Attendees shared thier desired changes and thier personal challenges.  They were guided in a visualization exercise and assisted in creating these beautiful vision boards.

      Return to Yourself…Transform Your Experience

      Taos, New Mexico June 2013

      This retreat was co-hosted with four holistic health coaches.   Engaging, interactive workshops were provided by specialists in the areas of  mindfulness, raw foods, DIY balms and salves, self-acceptance, etc.  Additional activities included a visit to the Taos Pueblo, a fashion show by Project Runway’s Patricia Michaels of Taos Pueblo, drumming, hiking the Anasazi cave dwellings, zip-lining, daily yoga and artisan local food! 

      Keeping Your New Year Resolution

      WHOLE Community Meeting, Jan 2013

      This free community educational event was coordinated in conjunction with WHOLE, Web of Holistic Educators (an organization promoting holistic health, community education and collaboration of wellness professionals).  It included a discussion regarding the process of change, challenges to creating change and how to utilize planning to maximize success. Attendees were given the opportunity to verbalize, write and visualize their desired change!

      Relax, Reconnect, Reset

      Taos, New Mexico June 2011

      Co-hosted retreat in Taos, New Mexico with seven health coaches.  This retreat included daily inspirational speakers, workshops and yoga, healthy food, cooking classes and outdoor activities like white water rafting, zip-lining and exploring the anasazi cave dwellings! There was also some truely unique experiences to visit Taos Pueblo and participate in a traditional meal on the sacred grounds.

      Beyond the Roseto Effect

      July 2018

      I’d like to share with you about an Italian-American community which gained a great deal of attention in the 1960’s.  While the neighboring town reported 79 cases of heart disease in a decade, Roseto reported 9.  There seemed to be no alcoholism, addiction or suicide and very little crime.  Two researchers at Oklahoma University decided to investigate and concluded that it was not the high fat diet and wine that protected the community from these physical and mental health ailments...  

      Social Connection and MindBody Health

      May 2015

      Our social environment is a powerful force, which we are learning impacts even the expression of our genes.  Should the social dynamics within a population of the African Cichlid (freshwater fish) be altered by the removal of the dominant male (bottom), the second dominant male (top) will increase in size by 20%, the color markings will change (check out the bottom fin) and within 24 hours it becomes the dominant male (bottom)...


      December 2012

      I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season, the season of giving.  I know this time can be stressful, even painful at times due to long to do lists, obligations, past disappointments related to the holidays or simply missing loved ones we wish were still with us.  In the midst of this consumerism frenzy, I hope that you all find the time to connect with family, friends and/or neighbors and co-workers.  I also hope for you to take time to connect with yourself and to receive during this season and the year to come.

      Happy Holidays,