Welcome. ​We are here to listen to you.  …to help you sort through your ideas, emotions and desires …to encourage you to exchange old unproductive patterns of behavior and thought for mindful action and new perspective …to explore the impact of your past on your present so you can begin to free yourself from it …to discover and cultivate self-love …to grow, heal and experience more love.

Are you capable when attending to the needs of others, but neglectful of your own? Do you believe you’re holding yourself back? Wondered why, given your knowledge and resourcefulness, you can’t figure it out?  Convinced that if you identify the right method or technique to manage a little more efficiently, you’ll be well?  Think one more task on the ‘to do’ list will fix it, but find yourself overwhelmed?  ITS TOO MUCH!


What if I told you?


Doing more is NOT the solution. You are not lazy or doing “it” wrong.


You deserve support. We are not meant to do it all ourselves.


It is imperative that you attend to, and care for, yourself.

focused attention

Are you willing to start with an hour of self-care a week? A good therapeutic relationship can facilitate self-awareness, mindfulness and self-compassion. Verbalizing your thoughts and emotions allows you to organize them and to clarify your needs, desires, and solutions which are only accessible to you. Lack of acceptance, “shoulding,” avoiding, pushing and motivating with self-criticism have been proven counterproductive. Even if these methods have had success in the past, they are no longer working. A new way is possible, in fact necessary, in which you are kind and nurturing to yourself. Imagine the time freed up when you are no longer consumed with the idea you aren’t doing enough! 

Ignite Confidence

The greatest healing moments in my life occurred when I felt confident and open enough to use learned tools in an intuitive way. Part of my job is to introduce you to tools that may help, but anyone can do that. The more important aspect of my role is to support you, reflect with you and help you find the confidence and self-compassion to accept your own innate healing wisdom. This will look completely different for each individual.  I have no 5 step process or secret.  You have all of the information, your story, your body, your needs and your version of a meaningful life.

Teletherapy available throughout North Carolina, Florida and New York. 

Office in Chapel Hill serving Carrboro, Durham and Pittsboro. 

Perinatal Mental Health

Adjust to New Roles & Transition to Work

Pregnancy & Postpartum Concerns

Process Grief & Loss

Healers & Educators

Prevent Compassion Fatigue

Process Vicarious Trauma

Fill Your Cup

Chronic Pain & Illness

Increase Acceptance

Manage Stress

Process Loss

Individual Therapy

For insight, guidance & support



For awareness of body and emotion



For support and community


Our Passion

At Grow Heal Love, our mission is to serve those who nurture others personally and professionally.  Our goals are; To raise awareness to the challenges that many people face but don’t talk about.  To normalize and facilitate connection where now there is stigma and isolation.  To curate a space for people to talk, move and connect in an effort to facilitate growth, healing and community.  To create a space that allows individuals to connect with self-love that flows over into their relationships and communities.

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